10 Pre Race-Week Do’s and Don’ts for Marathon Runners

Follow intense and exhausting training

It’s like building a pyramid -you have to build a strong base and to put so much effort and persistence to finish it until the top. Adding more intense training and trying to become faster as well as to improve your endurance the last week is a serious mistake. The results will be to feel easily exhausted during the race and to not achieve your goal time.

Train one or two days before the race

Your marathon’s finish time is a result of a long period of training. This fact means that there is no reason to run until the last minute before the race. Give some time to your body to rest and recharge your batteries in order to be in your best form!

Be well- hydrated

Hydration is the key to best performance. Water and energy gels with electrolytes are essential during last week in order to be always well- hydrated. One of the benefits is that these two contain sodium which prevents muscle cramps and strains during the race.

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How you can combine Yoga and Running?

Strike a pose to improve your performance

I have run plenty of races from 5 km to Half marathons and I was always doing yoga during the training periods before every race. At the beginning when I first started yoga, I hesitated whether it will be beneficial for me to combine these two hobbies or not.

When you start considering about adding yoga in your daily training routine you have to find right place at first. Nowadays, yoga and meditation are hot trends in fitness so there are for sure many options in every city all over the world. This trend is spreading rapidly and you can find a yoga center even in the small villages.This fact does not mean that all the places are offering the best yoga experience. You have to find the one which matches with your needs. Also the yoga teacher plays a very important role for each session. The right connection between the teacher and the student is the key to understand the whole philosophy and to implement the poses in the right way. Last but not least, you have to inform your teacher that you are a runner and whether you have an injury or an intense training before the class.

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Run Baby Run – 10 Reasons why running is a beneficial hot trend that you should start

I started to run seven years ago when I was living in Greece. Back then all the beautiful and sunny Saturday mornings I was running almost alone in the coastal area at the south part of Athens. Nowadays, all the running routes in the city are full of people, especially during the weekends. Not only in Greece but in the whole western world, running is a hot trend which it ‘came to stay’. Social Media, digital influencers and a cultural shift into a healthier lifestyle led to a running revolution. But the main questions that people use to ask themselves are about how and why to start running.

Don’t think about it too much because the reasons are many and very motivating:

So run to…

1.    Increase your happiness

Running is one of the ‘best natural antidepressants’ you could ever find. The increased levels of production of serotonin and dopamine during running are going to fulfill you with energy and good mood.

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