3 Organic Markets in Dublin that will make you love healthy food

The Green Door Market

It is located in the south part of Dublin near St. Patrick’s cathedral. The place has an industrial style with a friendly and warm atmosphere. In this organic market you can buy Fairtrade products as well as organic dairy, bakery and wholefoods. You can find also fruits and vegetables from local producers in lower prices and with better quality than in the super markets. In addition, there is a selection of fresh meats and fishes– I highly recommend to buy and cook the delicious salmon fillet!

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Top 4 Outstanding Benefits of Ice Cream

Ice cream is loved by many people especially the biggest fans of ice cream are the children and adolescents. Vanilla, chocolate, tutti-frutti and many more… Different flavors of this frozen dessert can make our days in the summertime. Since the burning sun is overwhelmed us during the hot summer, ice cream makes us delighted. Consumption of ice cream increases during summer. Since people simply make association between ice cream and the summer, they might have a doubt about consuming ice cream in winter. Some people might think wrongly that ice cream will make them sick if it is consumed in winter. If the ice cream is produced adhering to hygiene conditions and kept under the appropriate temperature, there is no point in avoiding ice cream in the winter.

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4 Reasons why these brunch spots are the best in Dublin

 Hidden gems in Dublin for all brunch lovers

Brother Hubbard

  1. Simple decoration and small place where every stylish person who loves quality and nutritious food can fall in love.
  2. Try the hot chocolate because except of the fully taste it has a really fancy way of serving. Oh and don’t forget to order the Croque monsieur -believe me, I ate this in dozens of different brunch places -because it is my favorite one and I can guarantee that it is the best version of it.
  3. There are two stores one in the north and the other in the south part of Dublin so there is no excuse for not trying it because of the distance.
  4. Limited place to wait but be an early bird in order to avoid the long queue. Perfectly matched with “a natural lover” Saturday: start your day early by recharging your batteries at the organic brunch in Brother Hubbard North -you will be full of energy to explore Phoenix Park and feed the deer later on.

Ps.You can buy The Brother Hubbard Cookbook to try all the delicious recipes at home too!

Brother Hubbard
Brother Hubbard

Address: 153 Capel St., North City, Dublin 1 & 46 Harrington St, Dublin 8


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