Marseille: Quirky Port City in France

Did you hear some rumours about Marseille? It is a dangerous city, there is a lot of purse-snatching, crimes and drug issues. No way, you should not categorise Marseille like this. No doubt, some criminal issues might occur more likely than other safer cities all over the world. Just watch your belongings while you are discovering the city. And please eliminate your bias towards Marseille because I am sure you will spend amazing time in this quirky city.

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24 Hours in Luxembourg City, Luxembourg

Before I start my post, let me clarify that Luxembourg is the name of both country and the capital city. Before I went there, I am embarrassed to tell you but I didn’t know that both country and the city have the same names.

Luxembourg city is mostly preferred to work by European people because there are many financial centres and several headquarters of European companies. Since this country is surrounded by Belgium, France and Germany, some people from these countries are working in Luxembourg and commuting daily. Luxembourg is a trilingual nation. People from Luxembourg can speak German, French and Luxembourgish. Plus, Luxembourg is the last Grand Duchy of the world. Continue reading “24 Hours in Luxembourg City, Luxembourg”

Top 4 Outstanding Benefits of Ice Cream

Ice cream is loved by many people especially the biggest fans of ice cream are the children and adolescents. Vanilla, chocolate, tutti-frutti and many more… Different flavors of this frozen dessert can make our days in the summertime. Since the burning sun is overwhelmed us during the hot summer, ice cream makes us delighted. Consumption of ice cream increases during summer. Since people simply make association between ice cream and the summer, they might have a doubt about consuming ice cream in winter. Some people might think wrongly that ice cream will make them sick if it is consumed in winter. If the ice cream is produced adhering to hygiene conditions and kept under the appropriate temperature, there is no point in avoiding ice cream in the winter.

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Ooh La La Paris

Before you start to read this post, I recommend you listen to “Riff Cohen – A Paris”. I am hoping to give you a joy.

I have been in Paris two times. First one was just for a short trip for 2 days in 2012. I went to Paris through experiencing Eurostar, which it seemed scary for me at the beginning however it was a nice journey from London. It was a kind of strange perception that you can sleep during the journey under the sea. Second time, I was there for 4.5 months for studying purpose as being an Erasmus student in 2014.

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I Love London!

London which is the capital of the U.K. is a great city with its historical and cultural fabric. Thames River divides this beautiful city into two parts. With its outstanding red telephone boxes, double decker buses and policemen on horseback this metropolis should be visited to experience its historic kingdom fabric.

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