10 Pre Race-Week Do’s and Don’ts for Marathon Runners

Follow intense and exhausting training

It’s like building a pyramid -you have to build a strong base and to put so much effort and persistence to finish it until the top. Adding more intense training and trying to become faster as well as to improve your endurance the last week is a serious mistake. The results will be to feel easily exhausted during the race and to not achieve your goal time.

Train one or two days before the race

Your marathon’s finish time is a result of a long period of training. This fact means that there is no reason to run until the last minute before the race. Give some time to your body to rest and recharge your batteries in order to be in your best form!

Be well- hydrated

Hydration is the key to best performance. Water and energy gels with electrolytes are essential during last week in order to be always well- hydrated. One of the benefits is that these two contain sodium which prevents muscle cramps and strains during the race.

Follow a high carbohydrate diet meal plan

Carbohydrate diet for a runner means energy -loading. The common mistake that many runners do is to overeating high carb meals. The right way it’s simply, just continue to eat foods that you normally eat, but add a higher percentage of carbs. In addition, there is no need to wait for the last day before the race to follow this diet eating loads of carbs. It is recommended to follow that diet plan by the start of the week.

Sleep well

Sleep is very important and vital for every kind of athlete. Especially when is the last week before the marathon try to eliminate your stress about your performance and go to bed at the same time every night (not too late) in order to enjoy a tight sleep. A good sleep is also important for the muscles in order to relax and recovery from the training.

Drink too much alcohol

Hangout or parting with friends is always accompanied with alcohol but when the race day is about to come is better to eliminate it. Researches have shown that alcohol affects the way your body generates energy. On the one hand, exercise requires high level of sugar to produce energy but on the other alcohol consumption decreases the levels of blood sugar. In addition, alcohol is very diuretic and can cause you dehydration. So take care of your body and celebrate your achievement right after the race!

Test the supplements that you will use during race

Marathon is a very demanding race and most of the runners want to be well equipped with all the necessary supplements. The truth is that during this long distance race, you push yourself to the limits and your stomach tends to be even more sensitive. Testing new sports nutrition products such as energy gels or tablets during the day is not a good idea. You had put so much effort during the training period so try to test some products from various brands before in order to find the right supplements.They will improve the functionality of your muscles and you can use them on the race day.

Prepare all the staff that you will need

Leaving something to the last minute always makes you stressed and disappointed. Take advantage of the last even from Monday week before the race to buy Monday your supplements and choose your running outfit and equipment.

Buy a new pair of running shoes just before the race

If you ask a bunch of runners one of them has made for sure this mistake at least ones in

Woman Runnerthe past. The running shoes are essential for an athlete and if it doesn’t fit you well it can be a serious reason for injuries or for a bad performance. So try your new running shoes several times during the training period before you decide to wear them at the race.

Wait for the last week to improve your speed or your performance

It’s a kind of impossible to achieve a better finish time if you base your success in last week’s training. Start to train 2- 3 months earlier and leave the last week for light training and relaxing.


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