How you can combine Yoga and Running?

Strike a pose to improve your performance

I have run plenty of races from 5 km to Half marathons and I was always doing yoga during the training periods before every race. At the beginning when I first started yoga, I hesitated whether it will be beneficial for me to combine these two hobbies or not.

When you start considering about adding yoga in your daily training routine you have to find right place at first. Nowadays, yoga and meditation are hot trends in fitness so there are for sure many options in every city all over the world. This trend is spreading rapidly and you can find a yoga center even in the small villages.This fact does not mean that all the places are offering the best yoga experience. You have to find the one which matches with your needs. Also the yoga teacher plays a very important role for each session. The right connection between the teacher and the student is the key to understand the whole philosophy and to implement the poses in the right way. Last but not least, you have to inform your teacher that you are a runner and whether you have an injury or an intense training before the class.

Every runner follows a specific training program and sticks to it until the day of every race. When you find an extra hobby, it is difficult to reorganize your training schedule and to come to a perfect combination. On the one hand, yoga improves strength, flexibility and mental focus but on the other, running boosts cardiovascular health. If you follow the right program, the outcomes of this perfect mix will be extremely beneficial for your training performance. The golden advice is based on a specific training pattern. The days of the week that you run, your yoga session is recommended to be after each training in order to stretch and relax following the Hatha yoga style. Vinyasa yoga is a dynamic type of yoga and is preferable for the run free days to strengthen the muscles. Yoga is also very beneficial for a runner because it empowers many parts of the body which you don’t usually strength with running.

A typical mistake that runners do is because they are in a good form they believe that it’s easy to implement every pose at the first try. I know that you get excited when you have the strength or the flexibility to complete a pose faster but in this case safety comes first. Don’t fall in this trap and push yourself to the limits in order to achieve the perfect pose from the beginning. Yoga is like running, you need to have patience, persistence and time to see the rewarding results. When you follow a gentle and safe way to complete each pose, you will definitely avoid many unpleasant injuries.

Run Yoga Run

So grab your yoga mat and your running shoes to explore new fit experiences!


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  1. Thank you for your comment! I would really love to visit Rishikesh in India once ,I am sure that is a unique experience for every Yoga lover ! If I have the chance to travel there I will let you know to strike a pose together hah:)


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