24 Hours in Luxembourg City, Luxembourg

Before I start my post, let me clarify that Luxembourg is the name of both country and the capital city. Before I went there, I am embarrassed to tell you but I didn’t know that both country and the city have the same names.

Luxembourg city is mostly preferred to work by European people because there are many financial centres and several headquarters of European companies. Since this country is surrounded by Belgium, France and Germany, some people from these countries are working in Luxembourg and commuting daily. Luxembourg is a trilingual nation. People from Luxembourg can speak German, French and Luxembourgish. Plus, Luxembourg is the last Grand Duchy of the world.

I visited Luxembourg on holiday during Erasmus for studying in France in 2014. I stopped by Luxembourg Railway Station at noon in March 2014. This city is too small. I wandered around it by foot and I did not use any public transportation. I stayed in the Youth Hostel which has affordable, nice and clean rooms. While I was walking from train station to my hostel, I discovered most of the city. By the way, outlook of the railway station which incorporate a clock tower is really nice.

Luxembourg Railway Station
Luxembourg Railway Station

I passed the shopping avenue, “Avenue de la Liberte”, then I reached to Adolphe Bridge. Adolphe Bridge is one of the key figures in Luxembourg city.

Adolphe Bridge
Adolphe Bridge

Since Luxembourg has own viaduct, there are several bridges to make people get across the valley. Luxembourg city is one of a kind. I confess that I had not expected a beautiful city before I came to Luxembourg.

Adolphe Bridge
View of Adolphe Bridge

I arrived at Place de la Constitution. There is a balcony where you can see the whole old city. The view is pretty amazing.

Place de la Constitution

I visited Cathedrale Notre-Dame near the Place de la Constitution because I like the holy ambiance of cathedrals and churches. I believe that although even almost all of churches looks similar, they have unique and mysterious atmosphere. Also if you like visiting churches and holy places, you might visit Saint-Michel Church which is the oldest church in Luxembourg.

Before I arrived to my hostel, I saw Grand Ducal Palace which is the official residence of the Grand Duke. There is a pre-booked guiding tour during the summer and you can join.

Next day, I wandered around the old quarters and enjoyed this two-layer city. You should see Casemates du Bock and walk inside the fortified castle.

Casemates du Bock
Inside view of Casemates du Bock

My favourite spot in Luxembourg city is Grund (Gronn: Luxembourgish) which is directly below the city centre. It is definitely picturesque.

Casemates, Grund
Passerrelle view, Grund

While you are discovering the city, you will see the huge, fascinating Passerrelle. Passerrelle was built as a bridge.

Luxembourg City

In the afternoon, I had to go back. When I was heading to the train station, I walked through the William Square. William Square is a popular spot in the city. Local vendors set up their shops on Sundays and Wednesdays and they sell all kind of fresh products. Thus, if you plan to visit Luxembourg and see the vibrant market area, you should arrange your visiting dates accordingly.

As I have mentioned earlier, a lot of the attractions are near by another in Luxembourg. It is very easy city to get around with your foot. Since I had limited time, I could not discover the places outside of the city but I am sure you will explore more and be impressed. My visit to Luxembourg was short and sweet.img_3532

Visit and explore Luxembourg City deeply! Enjoy!


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