Run Baby Run – 10 Reasons why running is a beneficial hot trend that you should start

I started to run seven years ago when I was living in Greece. Back then all the beautiful and sunny Saturday mornings I was running almost alone in the coastal area at the south part of Athens. Nowadays, all the running routes in the city are full of people, especially during the weekends. Not only in Greece but in the whole western world, running is a hot trend which it ‘came to stay’. Social Media, digital influencers and a cultural shift into a healthier lifestyle led to a running revolution. But the main questions that people use to ask themselves are about how and why to start running.

Don’t think about it too much because the reasons are many and very motivating:

So run to…

1.    Increase your happiness

Running is one of the ‘best natural antidepressants’ you could ever find. The increased levels of production of serotonin and dopamine during running are going to fulfill you with energy and good mood.

2.    Exercise free of cost and everywhere

The excuses are getting more limited when you start to think about the cost and the place to start your new hobby. Basically, you don’t need a special outfit to wear or a specific place to go. Just wear your running shoes and go outside to run everywhere you want. It’s a change also to explore hidden routes in the city or beautiful natural landscapes.

4. Boost your immune system

Instead of visiting the near pharmacy shop go outside and seize the day with your running shoes! The reward will be a stronger immune system and a chance of enjoying each moment to the fullest.

5.    Enjoy your training

Remember that you don’t have to become the ultimate marathoner or a champion. Enjoy each training and set your personal goals but always with a meter in order to be a fun and not a stressful or too competitive hobby.

6.    Look sexier

Oh yes because it’s a trend so healthy and sportive is the new sexy!Don’t miss the chance to build a fit body and wear your tight training clothes.

7.    Say goodbye to sleeping problems

Activities such as running are totally connected with improvements in sleep quality. After a day full of work and running you will get both physically and mentally tired.- believe me, you will feel for sure sleepier.

8.    Become more social

There are countless running clubs, races and events out there. By being part of some of them you will gain more friends to share your interests and extend your connections. Especially recommended to all professionals who work abroad because it’s an easy way to meet new people.

9.    Improve your work productivity

With just 30 minutes of exercise every day you can feel the difference. Regular running will make you more productive and efficient at work.Aerobic training gives you more energy and helps you feeling more awake at work.

10.     Enjoy your new hobby with your baby or your pet

Become a fit parent or a fit dog lover by combining your needs with running. I am sure that your baby or your dog will love the ‘new you’ because you will be full of energy to go out with them more often!

Dublin, Ireland
Dublin, Ireland







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