I Love London!

London which is the capital of the U.K. is a great city with its historical and cultural fabric. Thames River divides this beautiful city into two parts. With its outstanding red telephone boxes, double decker buses and policemen on horseback this metropolis should be visited to experience its historic kingdom fabric.

Red Telephone Box
Red Telephone Box

The first time I visited London in 2012, I was twenty years old girl on holiday during studying Business English in Brighton, England. I have been in London for three days in summer 2012. I would like to share my experiences and give some advice on places which you can visit. Since London is a huge city, I have created a list of attractions you should visit in your limited time.

  1. London Eye: The most popular symbol of London, which immediately comes to your mind is probably London Eye. The view of it looks like an elegant ferris wheel with its stunning presence. You can buy a ticket to get on one of the pods and it will be nice to see out over London.

    London Eye
    The London Eye
  2. Sea Life London Aquarium: I recommend Sea Life to see because it is close to London Eye and if you have time, don’t hesitate to visit this underwater museum. You will feel like you are under the deep ocean surrounded by numerous sea creatures.Starfish in Sea Life London Aquarium
  3. Big Ben: It is also known as clock tower located next to The Houses of Parliament in city of Westminster. There is no need to say that it is a world-famous British icon. If you cross the river through Westminster Bridge, you will have a chance to capture photos of both London Eye and Big Ben in different angles.
    Big Ben
    Big Ben


  4. River Cruise: I strongly recommend that if you have limited time in London, you can take a river boat tour. You’ll experience great sights on the boat. During this river cruise, you have a chance to see the Tate Modern and the Gherkin building on the banks of Thames. Besides, there are many gorgeous bridges and each is more beautiful than the others. My favourite London attraction is Tower Bridge. You must see spectacular view of it.

    Tower Bridge
    Tower Bridge
  5. Trafalgar Square: It might be the most well-known square of London. It takes its name from British victory after the battle of Trafalgar. It is near to the National Gallery which houses impressive collection of paintings and masterpieces. It offers free entry so you should visit if you are interested in the arts.
  6. Buckingham Palace: Would you like to visit British Royal Family? It is not easy to see British Queen however you can see the changing of the guards at Buckingham Palace. You need to check changing times and don’t miss that ceremony.
  7. Madame Tussauds: It is a fascinating waxwork museum. Also, you can have a chance to experience different attractions inside this museum. It is inevitable to be influenced by real-like wax sculpture celebrities.

    Queen Elizabeth II
    Queen Elizabeth II
  8. Oxford Street: It is a popular shopping street. There are many stores and brands located in this wide long street. You will see a great number of people who hurry from one store into another. If you couldn’t find there what you are looking for, you can as well give a chance to Regent Street. What about visiting Hamleys on Regent Street?

  9. Leicester Square: This square is surrounded by popular cinemas and it is a sort of entertainment area. Additionally, if you have a chance to see one of the greatest Broadway Shows, don’t miss this opportunity. When I was there, I saw the Lion King Musical in Lyceum Theatre. It was amazing. Location of Lyceum Theatre is 10 minutes from Leicester Square by walk.
  10. Hyde Park: After you get tired of historical buildings and crowded streets, you might want to get fresh air and move away from city noise. Hyde Park will offer you a peaceful environment with lovely trees. I don’t even tell about squirrels. You will definitely see one of those squirrels around the park. I wonder if you are going to find the Peter Pan statue in this park?
  11. Camden Town: It is located in the north part of London. Although it is a little bit far away from city centre, you can easily go there by metro (I mean “tube”). You can explore second-hand accessories, unique and cheaper goods. Additionally, you can eat your lunch while taking a colourful motorcycle seat by a canal side. Camden Town is a kind of hipster town so I can guarantee that you will enjoy visiting here.

    Camden Town
    Camden Town- Outdoor Eating

These certain place are must-see attractions for touristic purposes but there are numerous things which you have to visit and experience in London. You can explore new venues and various places, eat fish and chips and sip at your tea in one of the lovely cafes in this big city. If you want to experience English culture deeply and explore more, it is recommended to allocate at least three days for visiting London.


Gokce Sonmez


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