4 Reasons why these brunch spots are the best in Dublin

 Hidden gems in Dublin for all brunch lovers

Brother Hubbard

  1. Simple decoration and small place where every stylish person who loves quality and nutritious food can fall in love.
  2. Try the hot chocolate because except of the fully taste it has a really fancy way of serving. Oh and don’t forget to order the Croque monsieur -believe me, I ate this in dozens of different brunch places -because it is my favorite one and I can guarantee that it is the best version of it.
  3. There are two stores one in the north and the other in the south part of Dublin so there is no excuse for not trying it because of the distance.
  4. Limited place to wait but be an early bird in order to avoid the long queue. Perfectly matched with “a natural lover” Saturday: start your day early by recharging your batteries at the organic brunch in Brother Hubbard North -you will be full of energy to explore Phoenix Park and feed the deer later on.

Ps.You can buy The Brother Hubbard Cookbook to try all the delicious recipes at home too!

Brother Hubbard
Brother Hubbard

Address: 153 Capel St., North City, Dublin 1 & 46 Harrington St, Dublin 8


The Fumbally

  1. From the staff to the vintage furniture, everything in that place is perfectly designed to be an ultimate hipster destination. A spacious area with vibrant atmosphere where you feel that you are “too cool for school”.
  2. Salty or sweet all your choices there are gonna be delicious and hearty! Every time is a new experience also because there is a different meal recommendation, which is a good reason to visit it again n’ again.
  3. Polite staff and fast service – even in rush hours always there is a tiny chair or place on a shared couch where you can fit and enjoy your cool brunch!
  4.  Perfectly matched with “a new healthier start “Saturday: wake up and go for a power run (3-5 km)- meet up with your friends at the Fumbally to take an energy boost for the rest of the day -visit the organic market near St. Patrick’s Cathedral for purchasing natural products and then you can impress your friends with your recommendations.

Ps.They run some yoga events during the week!

The Fumbally
The Fumbally

Address: Fumbally Ln, Merchants Quay, Dublin 8


Two Boys Brew

  1. Oh Boy that was amazing! The newest release for brunch in the northern part of the city. If you love the Scandinavian interior design you gonna definitely fall in love with the minimal decoration.
  2. Not be impressed by the sweet choices but all the salty ones are gonna reward you because they are so tasteful.
  3. Fast service, plenty of space and nice spot to bring your laptop and write your blog post about your passions.
  4.  Perfectly matched with “an urban but green and romantic” Sunday: Start your day by trying something new which is definitely worth a visit such as Two Boys Brew – head to the National Botanic Gardens where architectural notable greenhouses are gonna take your breath away.

Ps. They sell really nice bags with their brand name on and some coffee kits as well.

Two Boys Brew
Two Boys Brew

Address: 375 N Circular Rd, Phibsborough , Dublin 7


 So when you know the perfect spots in town,

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